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Best Free Arcade Games to Download and Play

Azteca Bubbles Arcade Game, Rating 3.9
Bubble Shooter Golden Path Arcade Game, Rating 4.3
Supercow Arcade Game, Rating 4.3
Scaraball Arcade Game, Rating 3.9
Crazy Birds Arcade Game, Rating 4.2
Shark Attack Arcade Game, Rating 4.4
Bird's Town Arcade Game, Rating 4.2
Turtle Odyssey 2 Arcade Game, Rating 4.3
Egyptoball Arcade Game, Rating 4.1
Beetle Bug 3 Arcade Game, Rating 4.5

What are arcade games?

Arcade games once were public, coin-operated machines where players insert coins into a slot to play a game. The player controls the action by means of knobs and buttons on the arcade machine's control panel. Arcade games often have short levels, which rapidly increase in difficulty with simple and intuitive controls. Game players are essentially renting the game for as long as the game avatar is alive. For this business model to be profitable, the difficulty of the game must be high enough to make the players reach a game-over state and engaging or addictive enough to keep the players playing. Now, arcade games also refer to video games with similar graphics and gameplay to those played on the machines!

Features of arcade games

The benefits of arcade games

There are many benefits to playing some of the best arcade games around. Firstly, arcade games allow you to tap into your inner child. You may have grown up, but your inner child hasn’t. That’s a good thing. That inner child helps you to have fun, enjoy the little things in life, and occasionally cut loose. Unfortunately, that inner child also gets silenced quite a bit by the responsibilities and stresses of grown-up life. Any arcade game from GameTop will encourage you to relax, open up, and enjoy life again. Secondly, your hand-eye coordination can be improved vastly while playing arcade games. All the movement associated with video games actually teaches your body some important things that can be applied to real life. One study of laparoscopic surgeons, for example, found that those who played more than 3 hours of video games a week committed 32 percent fewer errors than those who did not. Finally, arcade games are downright fun. If you haven’t had fun at the arcade yet, then you simply haven’t tried playing the right game. When you find that perfect game for you, you find a great excuse to relax and enjoy yourself for a couple of hours. You get the satisfaction of tackling a challenge, the joy of watching your score creep up, the awesomeness of learning a new skill, and the happiness that comes from being relaxed. Embrace the fun. Embrace the arcade, even as an adult.

The history of arcade games

An arcade game is a game machine typically found in public places like malls, restaurants, and amusement arcades, and is usually coin-operated. Arcade games are usually video games, pinball machines, or electromechanical games. The late 1970s through the 1980s was the golden age of arcade games. They enjoyed some relative popularity even during the early 1990s. The popularity of this platform slowly declined, however, as console and PC games came into prominence. Fortunately, you can still play these classic arcade games on your PC now!

Why play arcade games

There are many reasons why people love playing arcade video games. To begin with, the rush of victory may quickly become addictive. Arcade games are also a terrific way for you to play with friends. If you want to relive your childhood via gaming, look no further. They have the unique ability to transfer you to another time and place. They don’t care about your experience level or age. Everyone has an equal chance of winning. Many of your favorite arcade games are available at GameTop. Relive the classics with retro games, classic games, pinball machines, platform games, 2D games, superhero games, and more!


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