Mahjong is a tile matching game also known as Mahjong Solitaire. In this relaxing puzzle game which follows mahjong rules, you will have to match all identical mahjong tiles and clear them off the board!


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Mahjong is a tile matching game and is also known as Mahjong Solitaire. In this exciting Chinese puzzle game, you will click on matching tiles with the same face, symbols, or images to clear them off the board. The goal is to search for and clear all matching tiles off the whole board. However, you can only clear free tiles that are uncovered or unblocked. Test your concentration skills and enjoy this game of traditional Mahjong now, both in offline and online Mahjong rules!


  • Over 150 mahjong layouts
  • Classic gameplay with stunning graphics
  • Train your brain with hundreds of puzzles
  • 4 Fantastic game modes
  • Ambient background music
  • Easy to learn and hours of endless fun
  • Game statistics available

Tips for how to play Mahjong

As you can only click and match free mahjong game tiles, be very strategic in eliminating the tiles that expose or free up additional useful tiles below them. Always think at least two steps ahead instead of immediately choosing and clearing the obvious matching tiles and bonus tiles. Focus on horizontal lines and shuffle the board of remaining tiles when you are stuck or ended up in an unsolvable situation.

Interesting facts and history of Mahjong

Did you know that this exciting traditional game of Chinese Mahjong was first developed and played during the early 20th century in China? From the Qing dynasty, it slowly spread to different countries where many different variants of Mahjong were also created. It was initially played with 144 colorful tiles such as flower tile, season tile, and special tiles, and played with four players, and winning the game requires a set of fully assembled tiles on hand for one player. This variant of the classic Chinese game of Mahjong uses the same tiles and is played with the rules as described above!

System Requirements

πŸ”₯ Release Date16 February 2016
πŸ‘Ύ GenrePuzzle Mahjong
βœ… Game DeveloperGameTop
πŸ’» OSWindows 11/10/8/7
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ LanguageEnglish (United States)
πŸ“ File Size105 Mb
πŸ’° PriceFree!

Licensing terms and policy

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