Solve hidden object mysteries in World Keepers: Last Resort

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What is this game about?

World Keepers: Last Resort is a Hidden Object style video game developed by Alawar Games. In it, you take the role of a ship’s captain trying to solve a family mystery and save herself, while uncovering a dark plot in the process.

Unique hidden object scenes that combine science and magic!

The game’s art style and theme are very well established and quite original. It combines elements from steampunk and pirate aesthetics, meaning a lot of sailors and supernatural elements combined with technology. This makes the possible puzzles you will encounter quite varied since the game constantly borrows from both themes and even combines them at times.

In any case, the world is quite colorful and eventful, filled with animated creatures and cutscenes for you to discover. It can get grim at times, since the game takes place mostly on a haunted pirate ship filled with moving skeletons, but the fun beats out the frights you might encounter.

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Set sail for an exciting hidden object adventure!

Story wise, we follow the tale of Elizabeth Robinson, a pirate captain that works for the crown (this is actually based on true stories, look it up!), sailing for business or personal reasons. Right now she is about to embark on a personal kind of journey since her ship’s engineer and close friend Ethan Brown has asked a favor from her. They need to find Adam, his son, who might have uncovered a dangerous being in a faraway land. It doesn’t take long for things to go astray, as the crew gets slammed by a rivaling pirate ship, except this one is being helmed by skeletons and other creatures of the night. Even their ship is alive and starts gnawing at Elizabeth’s own vessel. Now you must use your steampunk technology to face off against the dark beings, uncover what is really going on and do your best to return home safely.

Challenging yet fun hidden objects gameplay!

Gameplay wise, this follows the basic gist of the genre. The areas are divided into sections, and each one has plenty of objects to collect, and plenty more that need to be unlocked. You do this by getting the right object for the job, or solving a puzzle to get it. Sometimes you have to do both. You keep trying to match the object with the interactable area until you unlock a new section. Some objects can be combined with others, while other objects need a set amount before they can be used. The puzzles you need to solve are very varied and challenging, and if you get too stuck you can wait for the skip button to charge so you can move on with the story. How fast said button takes to charge depends on the difficulty setting chosen at the beginning of the game, which is also the case for the hint button that tells you where to go next in general gameplay.

One of the recurring puzzles is the list, where you are given a list of items to find in a very cluttered scene. You just need to click the item listed on the list, yet some of them might require more interactions, like opening a drawer. Your reward is a single item to use elsewhere. Sometimes, especially as the story progresses, these areas can be revisited to gain other useful items, so keep in mind where you found them.

What truly sets this game apart is the different power ups you can find hidden throughout the rival ship. They take the form of sack dolls, but are quite more lively than a regular doll. Each one you find explains their power and guides you on the best way to use them. One of the first ones you find, in fact, is the knowledge doll that serves as the hint mechanic for this game, making the whole experience more immersive. The rest of the dolls are more puzzle driven, like an ice themed doll that can freeze objects, allowing you to cross wild rivers or even leave enemies frozen solid for you to finish them off with style.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

World Keepers: Last Resort is a fun ride filled with adventure and discovery, making it a game you wouldn’t want to miss. The visual combination of science and magic is a real treat, one that always works when the steampunk theme is used right.

Published 03 August 2023

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