Jewel Match Royale

Restore the kingdom’s long-abandoned legacy castles in this royal match-3 adventure!


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Discover the Epic Adventure of Jewel Match Royale

Join the thrilling journey of Matthew, the son of the royal gardener, as he sets out to restore the magnificent castles and estates of Nerinia, in this match-3 adventure game. Help him win the hand of Princess Sofia and join the nobles by completing a challenge set by the ruling Queen Meredith. Get ready to experience an epic adventure, filled with mystery, challenge, and excitement.

Traverse Vast Levels

Embark on a quest to restore Nerinia's legacy castles and estates in this exciting match-3 game. Traverse vast levels, each with unique challenges, and unlock hidden treasures to help you progress through the game. Whether you prefer a timed, relaxed, or moves-limited mode, the game caters to your gameplay style and offers a fulfilling experience.

Buy Unique Power-Ups from the Royal Shoppe

Upgrade your gameplay by purchasing unique power-ups from the Royal Shoppe. These power-ups add a new dimension of fun and strategy to the game, allowing you to progress through levels with ease. Gather additional resources from bonus games and use them to add special decorations to make each castle restoration unique.

Immerse Yourself in the Soothing Orchestral Soundtrack

Get lost in the beauty of the game's orchestral soundtrack, and let the music guide you through each level. With every move you make, the music changes to match the pace of your gameplay, creating a truly immersive experience.

Become a Nobleman and Win the Heart of Princess Sofia

With each successful renovation of a castle or estate, Matthew is awarded a higher noble status, bringing him one step closer to marrying his beloved Princess Sofia. The journey to becoming a nobleman is filled with excitement, mystery, and a sense of accomplishment that makes Jewel Match Royale a truly engaging game.

System Requirements

🔥 Release Date24 August 2018
👾 GenreMatch 3
✅ Game DeveloperSuricate Software
💻 OSWindows 11/10/8/7
🇺🇸 LanguageEnglish (United States)
📁 File Size199 Mb
💰 PriceFree!

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