Ghost Files: Memory of a Crime

Solve twisted crimes and uncover dark secrets in Ghost Files: Memory of a Crime. Use your keen eye to investigate crime scenes, interrogate suspects, and piece together clues to solve perplexing cases. Immerse yourself in a world of mystery and intrigue as you work to unravel the truth behind each crime. Play now and put your detective skills to the test!


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Ghost Files: Memory of a Crime - A Thrilling Mystery Game

They say a good story begins with an earthquake and works its way up to a climax. The story of Arthur Christie, the hard-boiled detective, begins with a painful wake-up in a dark basement with an unknown murder victim and memory gaps larger than bullet holes. A moment later the building is surrounded by howling police sirens. And all this before the sun even reached noon.

Step into the Shoes of Arthur Christie

As the player, you get to assume the role of Arthur Christie and try to solve the mystery of the murder victim, whose identity you do not know. Use your wits and deduction to prove your innocence and unravel the secrets of The Executioner, a serial killer on the loose.

Solve Over 20 Challenging Puzzles

To succeed in Ghost Files: Memory of a Crime, you must solve more than 20 puzzles. These puzzles will test your problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, which are essential for piecing together the evidence and finding the murderer.

  • Recreate lost memories to unveil clues
  • Unravel cryptic messages left behind by the Executioner
  • Examine crime scenes and collect evidence
  • Use logic and deduction to solve puzzles

Avoid Police Pursuit and Explore 38 Locations

While trying to solve the mystery, you must also evade the police, who is tailing you. You cannot afford to lose the trail of the Executioner, or you may become his next victim. Explore 38 climactic locations to collect clues and evidence, follow disturbing leads, and uncover the Executioner's identity.

Experience Pre-Amnesia Events in an Additional Adventure

If you want to learn more about Arthur Christie's past, you can play an additional adventure that showcases his pre-amnesia events. You will witness his transformation from a hotshot detective to a victim of The Executioner. Explore new locations, meet new characters, and discover more about the Executioner's motives.

If you are a fan of mystery games, Ghost Files: Memory of a Crime is a must-play. With an engaging story, challenging puzzles, and intriguing characters, it is an experience you won't forget. Download it now and get ready to become a detective!

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System Requirements

πŸ”₯ Release Date18 November 2022
πŸ‘Ύ GenreHidden Object
βœ… Game DeveloperBrave Giant
πŸ’» OSWindows 11/10/8/7
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ LanguageEnglish (United States)
πŸ“ File Size927 Mb
πŸ’° PriceFree!

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