The Chronicles of King Arthur: Episode 1 Excalibur

The Chronicles of King Arthur is a fun match-3 game with 74 challenging levels! Help the young king Arthur conquer the throne and reign over Britannia.


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The Chronicles of King Arthur: Episode 1 Excalibur starts with our protagonist, King Uther Pendragon, reigning in peace. But he was betrayed, his throne stolen by an usurper whose dark pact allows him to terrorize the kingdom and oppress its people. No one can stand against him. The wizard Merlin sets out from the castle, because only he knows Uther’s secret: that the Pendragon line lives on through an illegitimate child somewhere in the countryside. If Merlin can find him, they might still have a chance...and in a remote village far from the castle, a boy named Arthur has begun a rebellion against the false king.

Game features:

  • King Arthur's classic story with different nuances
  • Enjoy 74 challenging match-3 levels
  • Follow Arthur’s story across 5 chapters
  • 20 exciting sceneries
  • Original epic music
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System Requirements

🔥 Release Date16 April 2021
👾 GenreMatch 3
✅ Game DeveloperE-FunSoft
💻 OSWindows 11/10/8/7
🇺🇸 LanguageEnglish (United States)
📁 File Size212 Mb
💰 PriceFree!

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